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How iX supports the Interim community

Register for free and join the community designed to support you when seeking your next client, contract or assignment.

Apply to live opportunities, opt-in to company talent pipelines, discreetly manage your availability diary, optional timesheet approval system or raise your profile through iX Accreditation. iX can help clients to find you at the right time, weeks ahead of finishing your latest contract.

Our goal is to help you find future contracts, projects, assignments and deliver a solution that improves the recruitment experience for you.

Register today

Manage visibility of your availability diary

Manage Timesheet approval(optional)

Manage your own profile

Opt-in to discreet Talent Pipelines

Direct relationships with recruiters weeks ahead of projects going live

Promote your skills

Be found easily for confidential roles

Upload Testimonials and become iX Accredited

Top 10 Interim questions:

Top 10 recruiter questions:

How does iX work for Interims?

If you register now you will benefit from free membership for life.

If you register after 31st March 2020, you will receive 12 months free access to the community, you will not be asked for any payment details. You can then choose to continue access for £9/annum after the first years' membership anniversary.

How can iX help me raise my profile when available and how do I become iX Accredited?

We provide several areas of support for raising your profile when actively seeking new contracts and assignments, including a 6 month rolling availability diary to make sure recruiters contact you at the right time.

After the 31st March 2020, you can also upgrade to an ‘iX Accredited’ profile by uploading 3 testimonials from your Dashboard menu, which we then verify with your referees. When you become 'iX Accredited' this will be visible on your profile and gives clients the confidence to be able to get quick access to references at any offer stage. We hold these on file securely but will not show them to recruiters, you can do this yourself when needed and access copies at any time from your 'Upload Testimonials' page from your dashboard menu. If you need a testimonial template to send to your referees, you can download a suggested template from the same page.

We also provide a concierge service to help optimise & check your profile, to make sure recruiters do not miss you when new opportunities go live.

Can I invite or refer a colleague to join?

Of course, we are building an extensive interim community and the more members the better, across all functions. We will keep you advised of plans for referral schemes for both Interim colleagues and clients in the coming weeks. In the meantime share awareness of the iX service via the social and email links on this page to friends and colleagues who will all benefit from the free registration offer.

Can I register with my LinkedIn account?

You can create an account when you first register with your LinkedIN account to make registration easier and you can also register your personal LinkedIN URL as part of your CV profile on any iX account. After this you can login/sign in using your LinkedIN account as long as your LinkedIN account is open.

Is it easy to change or cancel my account?

Of course, we respect everyone's personal situation changes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account. Basic registration is free for life if you register before the 31st March 2020. After this date you will also be able to upgrade to iX Accredited, we offer pro-rata refunds on your annual membership if you decide to downgrade after this date, however we will be keeping the pricing of iX Accredited as cost effective as possible to reduce the need to cancel. However, if you wish to downgrade or completely remove your profile, you can simply use the email support link on your account page and we will be happy to manage this for you.

How does iX membership help my IR35 status for tax purposes?

All annual iX Accredited memberships will be invoiced and are ex-vat. VAT will be charged in addition and all iX costs and are legitimate business expenses as part of your promotional costs. This can also be useful in supporting your Limited company advertising budget and improve your IR35 compliance scoring. You can also upgrade to recruit your own teams and substitutes which will also help support your IR35 status.

Is there an 'app' available for mobile?

The site is already fully mobile compliant, however we are developing an 'app' for future use as the site and services develop. We will keep all members aware of all developments as these are rolled out.

Can I recruit my own team?

Yes, if you are a Consultant and you would like to build a team around you in any specific project, you can upgrade to an iX Client account from your Account page and all the benefits will be explained in a demo, we can also provide you with account support to help you.

Can you join the iX Interim community from outside the UK?

Although we are predominantly supporting UK based recruiters in the early stages, we will be expanding community cover for EU and International roles as well. We would encourage established Interims based outside the UK to register using the free profile and we will keep you advised of recruiters International opportunities as they go live.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, we treat this very seriously and all personal data is managed by yourself, so you can make sure it's accurate. This is all hosted on highly secure encrypted servers, seperate to our website. All payment mechanisms are likewise managed seperately on secure servers and accredited by global suppliers and all International standards to make sure your data is secure and safe. Please review our privacy policy and terms of use for more information.

Pricing and access flexibility?

All recruiters access the iX community platform with a simple annual licence based on the number of users. The platform works well for both low and high volumes.

We set up the relationship in any way you wish, single user, multiple users, multiple offices, multiple brands. We can also help you to manage the approval and reporting process, to make sure you know what is happening at any stage.

Can we publish International roles and projects?

You can post live roles for any location and would set up the system to support you in recruiting Interims for international assignments, or to recruit international consultants for local projects. Your talent pipeline can also help you manage these relationships directly going forward.

Are Interims pre-qualified?

Yes, all the Interims and consultants live on iX are either pre-qualified at registration, or will be iX accredited (with available testimonial referees). We do however request you carry out your own reference checks, to ensure their skills and experience match the project you are managing. If you need support to do this, we can also provide this on a project basis.

What happens if we wish to replace an Interim?

Of course you can, Interims by nature are specialists and the benefit of building a pipeline of talent means you can add to, or replace any interim as the project changes, or you need a different set of skills. The relationship is managed directly by you.

Is it easy to change level of membership?

Of course, you can upgrade or downgrade to a lower service level, if you do lower the service, you can also keep the talent pipeline already developed, if you need to put recruitment on hold for periods of time. Options are priced to be affordable and designed to encourage long term relationships regardless of the volume of recruitment.

Will one membership cover all our recruiters?

Yes, membership is based around each business and we can structure iX for single or multiple users, and we can set up iX to help you manage the job posting approval and reporting process.

What support does iX provide?

The iX platform helps you to recruit directly, however when you need help, or you cannot find the right Interim, we can quickly check and make sure you haven't missed someone, or suggest a suitable approach or partner to help you. We also offer a full service recruitment option including payroll management if you would like iX to manage the whole process for you.

Contact the support team for more information.

Can we recruit unlimited Interim roles?

There are a range of very affordable access options based on low or higher levels of recruitment, including unlimited postings and uncapped numbers of Interims in your Talent Pipeline.

Can iX help handle any dispute?

Although we do not manage the relationship between your business and any Interim, we are obviously sensitive to the quality of work managed by any Interim on the iX platform and we are happy to help in any arbitration process. Talk with the iX account support team for more information.

Can the iX platform help build an Interim talent pipeline?

You have complete control of the visibility of your brand profile, talent pipeline development, live vacancies, data, etc. You can promote, amend/edit and archive anything at any stage.

iX tools also help you raise your profile as an 'employer of choice' and supports you in finding and building your own self-managed Interim Talent Pipeline, this will allow you to recruit 'hard to find' roles quicker, easier and at lower cost.

iX does this in a variety of ways by promoting your roles to Interims on the platform and to new members who are pre-registered as they join.

We are also growing the Interim community daily and can ensure that we are encouraging new members that fit your needs. Just talk with the support team.

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