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Why become ‘iX Accredited’?


‘iX Accredited’ membership helps professional Interims and Consultants to raise their profile during the recruitment screening process, giving recruiters more confidence in future project discussions.

To become ‘Accredited’, Interims simply upload 3 client testimonials from their account pages (templates are provided) then upgrade membership to start the validation process.

Referees are contacted discreetly, testimonials confirmed and iX upgrade the Interims profile to ‘Accredited’ status, which you can provide quickly to recruiters during the offer process.


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Upload testimonials and upgrade to iX Accredited


One of the biggest challenges for recruiters is screening Interims with confidence. IX has overcome this by working with the Interim community, to build a process which allows for quick and easy access to a body of testimonials to support the reference process.

Accredited status allows client recruiters to screen earlier, quicker and with confidence to reduce time, effort and cost.

To discover ‘iX Accredited’ benefits and how the iX platform can help you recruit, track and communicate with a community of Interim consultants and contractors, request a Demo now.

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